Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church
1640 Route 12, Gales Ferry, CT

Roman Catholic Church 1650 Route 12, Gales Ferry, CT

Solicitation/Fund-Raising Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to ensure that:

  • Parishioners and guests at Our Lady of Lourdes Church do not feel pressured by financial or business solicitations


Fund-raising includes events or activities to sell goods, conduct a dinner or meal, conduct raffles, or to solicit money or pledges for charitable organizations or Roman Catholic Schools from parishioners and guests.

Only organizations connected with Our Lady of Lourdes Church will be given consideration for fund-raising activities or for using the parish phone directory to support fund-raising activities.

This policy does not apply to normal parish fund-raising through offertory collections or donations, nor does it apply to major capital improvements or requests for donations prescribed by the Diocese of Norwich.

This policy applies to Our Lady of Lourdes committees/ministries wishing to conduct fund-raising activities to support community or other charitable organizations.

Procedure for Approval

  1. Contact the Church Office - At least (4) weeks in advance of the event, check with the church office for conflicts on the church calendar and building use. The church office will pencil in activity as “tentative” on the church calendar pending receipt of a completed Solicitation/Fund-raising Form and action by the Pastor with input from Parish Advisory Council.
  2. Submit a Solicitation/Fund-raising Form - At least (4) weeks in advance of the fund-raising event, submit the form to the church office so that it can be added to the Parish Advisory Council meeting agenda.
  3. Pastor & Parish Advisory Council – All fund-raising requests are reviewed and approved/denied as part of the monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of the month.
  4. Publicize your Fund-raising Project - Once the Pastor, with input from the Parish Advisory Council, approves the fund-raising project, the activity may be publicized in the church bulletin. All publicity must be submitted to the church office at least (2) weeks in advance of the fund-raising event.
  5. Pastor/Administrator has final approving authority.